Make sure your analytics never breaks again

See how Avo can make your team 10x more efficient at planning, implementing and validating data from your digital products.

Single source of truth collaboration platform to define your analytics

Collaborate with all stakeholders in one source of truth. Bring implementation together with documentation to make things simple and prevent docs from becoming outdated and useless. Get rid of the bloated process of going back and forth in Slack, email, and unnecessary meetings to define analytics in multiple manually maintained spreadsheets. Make it simple by using Avo.

Tailor made analytics library

Avo generates a custom tracking library directly to your source code. The library has already generated the event and property names, based on your data specs. No worries about how the developers for the other platforms will spell the signup event.

Instant feedback with automatic analytics QA

Avo gives developers, data scientists and QA specialists, browser and app tools to automatically tell you whether your implementation is according to specs. Stop using your human eyes to check if your analytics events match your specs. As Steve Austin said: “We have the technology.”

Trust your data

Avo immediately notifies you if events that are being sent from production are not by spec. Enabling you and your team to act quickly and prevent bad data from piling up.